The Best and Worst Christmas Pizzas

Millions of people from around the world will be gathering with their family to enjoy turkey, ham, gingerbread men and pumpkin pie at Christmas dinner. But what if you’re more of a pizza person?

Thanks to some inventive chefs and the power of the internet, holiday-themed pizzas have become a big deal.

Unfortunately, not all Christmas pizzas are made the same. Some are too small and others are a pain to both make and eat. In an effort to help you not get burned, we’re going to be looking at a few of the best and worst examples of Christmas pizzas.

Candy Cane Pizza

No, we’re not talking about a pizza topped with melted candy canes. That would be gross and hard to chew. The trendy Candy Cane Pizza is merely in the shape of the candy and smothered with red toppings (pepperonis, red peppers, etc.). The problem is the shape. If you make it too big, then the pizza will have uneven slices; if it’s too small, then it becomes hard to hold. It also doesn’t look much like a candy cane, even with the red toppings. If you flip it around, it could be a “J” or a hook, neither of which put you in the holiday mood.

Christmas Tree Pizza

The more elegant solution to the candy cane is the Christmas Tree Pizza. For one thing, the shape is a lot more manageable. This works best as a personal, one-handed pizza that you can nibble on at parties. There’s also no mistaking that it’s a Christmas tree, especially when you load it up with red, green and yellow toppings. Best of all, you can make just about any topping look like an ornament, so it’s not limited in the same way as the Candy Cane Pizza. Add a fun star at the top of the tree and you’ll have a personal pizza that nobody will forget.

Ugly Sweater Pizza

Speaking of unforgettable moments, the ugly Christmas sweater has become a big trend around the world. There are entire businesses devoted to making and selling the most hideous sweaters you’ve ever seen, and chances are there’s at least one person in your extended family that collects them. But when it comes to pizza, this is one tradition that should be avoided. Although it’s easy to respect the effort, the Ugly Sweater Pizza is tough to eat. The problem is the unusual shape. It’s a box with two sleeves jutting out, which doesn’t work as either a large or small pie. On the positive side, the Ugly Sweater Pizza does allow for a lot of creativity, including colors and toppings that might otherwise clash. This might be a fun pizza to make with a large group, but you would be better off going with just about any other shape.

Snowman Pizza

If you’re looking for a great holiday-themed shape for a pizza, then you can’t go wrong with Frosty. In some ways the Snowman Pizza is the ultimate creation — it has three pies side by side, the parts are all different sizes, it actually looks like a snowman. The problem is that you can’t go as crazy with the topping as you might with the Ugly Sweater Pizza. Toss too much on there and you lose some of the snow and ice. This means that you’re effectively creating three side-by-side cheese pizzas with sparse toppings. Sure, it looks like Frosty and is a great shape for slicing, but that much cheese pizza might be too boring for the party.

Wreath Pizza

If you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas pie, then look no further than the Wreath Pizza. This is the only holiday-themed creation that checks all the boxes — it looks like a wreath, it’s fun to create, it’s easy to slice, it can hold just about any toppings, and it’s perfect no matter the size. Best of all, the Wreath Pizza is surprisingly easy to make. You just need to cut out the middle and fill it up with green and red toppings. And even if you get creative and use the other colors in the rainbow, you’ll still end up with something that actually looks like a wreath. Best of all, the round shape makes it easy to cut and eat. Add some Christmas ham and a few of those green beans grandma loves so much and you have the perfect holiday pizza.