Poutine from Around the World

From the Great Wall in China to the Australian Outback, everybody loves poutine. Canada’s popular export is a hit around the world, with every country offering their own unique take on the deceptively simple snack. Join us as we take a trip around the globe to find the weirdest, craziest and most mouth-watering takes on poutine.

Our adventure starts in Europe, where the wise chefs in the United Kingdom have decided to add pulled pork and cilantro to their versions of poutine. In France, it’s common to find “arranged” poutine served with chicken bits and sides. And let’s not forget about Germany, who have shaken things up by offering grated cheese and a side of vegan curry.

If you’re looking for spices that really pop, then look no further than Greece. Their take on poutine often involves feta cheese, lamb chunks and a heavy sprinkle of Greek spices. You’ll find a similar sense of playfulness in Australia, where restaurants aren’t afraid to dump bacon, chicken, fish and pretty much any other kind of meat on their poutine.

The same can be said about the approach in Beijing, where they serve fries and gravy with a mystery meat. What sets this apart is that you get to grate your own cheese. Speaking of which, some Hong Kong eateries will use Ficello string cheese for their version of Poutine. Pulled pork and local spices are the stars of the show in Vietnam, though that sounds like a winning combination no matter where you are.

These foreign iterations go a long way to prove a very important point — poutine is universal. It’s one of those rare snacks that can change and adapt depending on the culture. It’s such a simple dish, but everybody has their own unique spin on the ingredients. It just goes to show that there’s no wrong way to enjoy poutine.

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